EEStor's Energy Device to hit the road with 500 Miles for just 5 Minute Recharge?

Increasing fuel price is one of the major concerns that defer many people to buy a car or other vehicle. Lots of work, including Hybrids, Biofuels, fuel cells, is in progress to cope up with the fuel problem for future vehicle.


Now common people with limited budget may also look forward to visit car dealers around to have a look over their potential vehicle since EEStor, a Texas based company, is set for an Ultracapacitor energy storage mechanism for future vehicles, which they claim to cover 500 miles following a 5 minutes charge and will only cost US $9.

It is a dignified design but cost may be one of the qualms that may pull back or hinder the project. However, EEStor is silent on the new device but it is in the air that the device is prepared by a ceramic powder coated with aluminum oxide and glass.

It will be too early to comment more, as there is a lot of distance to be covered. Right now to wait and watch will be the right option.

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