Draganflyer SAVS RC helicopter to shoot impeccable aerial videos

RC helicopter will prove to be a good and cheap alternative for obtaining quality aerial video. It has a highly sophisticated design and various high end technologies installed in it to make it work efficiently. It has a self leveling feature based on thermal intelligence that uses four infrared sensors to keep a check on temperature difference between sky and ground. The onboard CPU collects the input from these sensors and guides the helicopter to maintain proper level. This Draganflyer SAVS helicopter has an anti-vibration video camera mount, which can keep the video camera isolated from the vibrations of the machine and hence resulting in great video shoot. It has a good fight time of 15 minutes due to three piezo-gyros technology which uses lithium-polymer batteries.

draganflyer savs 72
draganflyer savs 72

Its firm structure can save it from any major damage from crash as it is made up of rugged carbon fiber and nylon frame and weighs only 19 ounces and measures 30 inches. This masterpiece requires no time-consuming setup and is shipped with A flight simulator and DVD with complete footage of assembly and training.

It can serve your purpose of shooting aerial videos for surveying, real estate marketing, and inspection of hard to reach or dangerous locations.

Price: $2499.95 US

Via: prweb

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