DIY flight simulator for best flights off the craft

We’ve seen ample flight simulators; while most have impressed some have been really annoying. Think, Allan Lewicki never got a real piece of what the avid flyer got from the real bird in his good days at the base. So the man assembled stuff to make his own simulator, which would give him that furious flying action with some pragmatism of sorts.

diy flight simulator
diy flight simulator

Initially Lewicki got home the Microsoft’s simulator 2004 Century of Flight and helped it his way with a computer game stick and throttle. Fixing the two items front of the computer screen, the man’s got the simulator portable and ready for some impressive flying experience.

Missing the rudder pedals in the make that would give him the realistic practice involving engine failures, he got home a Google Flight Simulator Hardware along with the throttle quadrant and rudder pedals. The small computer screen that he was using wouldn’t have been good for this one and thus he thought of an HD TV alternative and added a 30-inch flat panel HD TV to complete his $2,000 simulator – the most valuable training aid the expert himself reckons it as. Check here for more pictures from the simulator.

Via: Examiner

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