Digital eBook mimics a real book and has e-paper display

Designed by karim zaouai, the Digital eBook is a device with two screens, so that it can open like a real book. Taking inspiration from a real book on the bookshelf, it also features paper in the form of black and white e-paper. In order to keep the look authentic and minimalistic all the controls have been hidden in the sides. In addition, it has also been endowed with wireless facility, so that you can encash on the infinite online library. And, so, that you can feel that you are reading the real book, with just a page turn gesture, you can flip the pages. Okay, so here we are actually looking at a design that not only resembles a real book, but also looks similar to the dual screen e-book from MSI. So, it really isn’t the first one and then I am in a dilemma if I can call it an innovation or I am guessing that it is just another design that will float around for a while.

digital ebook1
digital ebook1

digital ebook2
digital ebook2

Via: Designboom/Designtaxi

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