How to detect if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi

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Your high-speed internet connectivity may have often bogged down while you are busy working on something. It mostly happens when someone steals bandwidth of your Wi-Fi network. If you live in a congested area it is indeed a widespread problem. In fact, you can detect and prevent anybody from leeching your bandwidth if you are ready to take some precautions. This article elaborates you how to thwart someone from stealing connectivity from your Wi-Fi router.

Wi fi Stealing Tracker
Wi fi Stealing Tracker

Difficulty level: Easy. It is so easy that you just have to spend less than half an hour to permanently put off one from consuming your Wi-Fi connectivity.


You can simply detect if anybody is stealing your network bandwidth in a few simple steps. Your Wi-Fi router will normally have three LED indicators. The first one is for power, the second shows internet availability and the final one indicates whether some wireless device is connected with the router. So as to find out if anyone steals your network, just switch off all your wireless devices, and then check if the third LED still flashes. If it does it means someone consumes your bandwidth at that point of time. Before this step, make sure you have turned off all Wi-Fi devices including your music system and TV.

If you find that someone is using your Wi-Fi, you have options on your Web browser, whichever it is, to block a computer from using the network. Just type the IP address of your router on the browser’s address bar. It will bring you the options to block the pinchers. But it is not a permanent solution as the blocked users can again return. The constant solution for not stealing your bandwidth is setting a password for your Wi-Fi router. You can either use "WEP Key" or a "WPA-PSK" security systems to do it.

Quick tips

1) If you don’t find any exploitation of your network for the first time, keep checking it out occasionally.

2) It is better to go for a check whenever your network is slower. Network becomes sluggish when somebody consumes your connectivity.

3) More than just locking a user, it is better you should set a password for the Wi-Fi router. It will make your network always secure and safe.

Things to watch out for

The task of blocking someone from stealing your network is not a huge job. You can simply detect it and put off in a few simple steps. Keeping hush over the stealing of your network bandwidth is not safer for you. Besides clogging down your network, it is a huge threat for your security, because any malpractice someone does on internet from your router will be registered under your name. So it is better to detect and fix the issue as early as possible.

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