Classic Optimus Prime Transformer you’ll love and never hate

Robots that can transform into automobiles are a source of inspiration for many people around the globe. These, which call themselves the Transformer lovers - cool guys! Most may go around donning the Optimus Prime attire that doesn’t transform. Here we aren’t selling you a suit that transforms, and no one is going to for $59.99, but in case that Transformers fanaticism actually drives you crazy, then you’ll definitely take home this classic toy. Accessible from KOtoys store, only 250 of them are available. If my words and you’re passion hasn’t enticed you enough to order one already, then a visual glance on some breathtaking images in the gallery may just do the trick, who knows? And, did I mention this actually transforms?

limited edition henkei optimus4
limited edition henkei optimus4

Via: TFormers/AtCrux

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