Channel 4 offers PC-based videos on demand service

Due to tight work schedule and busy life style, we usually miss our favorite programs or shows. Now you can put your hitch away, for Channel 4 from UK is all set to generate more and more viewers with its new (PC- based) 4oD video on demand service, which will rebroadcast your favorite shows on the internet.

channel 4 58
channel 4 58

Channel 4 has signed an agreement with PACT, the trade body of the independent production companies, to proffer you with the noncommercial rebroadcasts of the past 30 days of programming, in addition to the downloadable above 1,000 hours of archived material and two free shows for every week. You'd have to pay only £0.99 ($1.96) for episodes for two days and £1.99 ($3.93) for films.

Not a bad bargain at all. One cannot ask more than that. So, there is no chance missing your favorite show or program and you can enjoy every bit of it.

Via: engadget

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