CellCraft G440: Concept car that'll take you places

Jetsons dream is still alive, thanks to a few dedicated souls like the Italian stallion Gino d'Ignazio. He has conceptualized flying cars in the past to much acclaim; G420 (flying-sportscar) and the G416ef anyone! And it looks like he's not exhausted out of ideas as yet.

cellcraft g440
cellcraft g440

His newest vision is tagged CellCraft G440, and from the looks of it this might be his best one yet. Everything's new about this concept: the design, the materials, the mechanics, everything.

The car is powered by two turbines, one each in the nose and in the tail compartment. There are seven seats provided for so that none of the family members is left behind as you hover above the pacific. Most of the helicopter abilities find a place in CellCraft 440's mechanism.

Thus, this flying car gets characterized by VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) and easy hovering abilities of a chopper. At the same time, the concept marries these helicopter-like characteristics with the high speed and safety and stability of airplanes. In other words, best of both the worlds!

Pity that I won't be able to get my hands on one of these. Obviously by the time one gets manufactured, I would be long buried in my grave. My only solace lies in a quick reincarnation.


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