Butt cams for a woman's perfect rear view

Trying endless pair of jeans to dig out the best fitting that gets the rear bulging for recognition is a customary routine for each woman visiting stores. "Does my butt look big in these" is the question repeated by each female every time a pair of trousers is tried on. In pursuit to end the female fix, Jeans West, an Australian retail outlet has revealed the first butt cams.

butt cams
butt cams

The introduced butt cams have been designed to capture images of your rear on the personal screen within the change-room, so ladies don’t have to move out into the main store to review their dumb butts any more. If women know what their backside looks good in, it’s a sure sale with them – thus I guess the butt cams could work out as good sales promotional strategy.

In contrary CEO Stephen Younane says: the camera is a

way to bring some fitting room fun to the experience of purchasing a pair of jeans
Fun, yeah, for men of course, but for women? Thoughts?

Via: DailyTelegraph/HeraldSun

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