Build your own UFO for Halloween

Looks like this year people will do any thing for the Halloween. We reported earlier that a guy made a fully functional Wolverine dress for the Halloween party now we have these weirdoes's making a UFO for the Halloween. The frame is 2 ft diameter cardboard cylinder, 2.5 ft high with an 8 ft diameter. PVC pipe rings suspended around it with PVC straight union connectors.

ufo 63
ufo 63

ufo1 63
ufo1 63

Parts list

25 ft. PVC pipe, thin walled so it bends well, cut into 5ft sections.

5 PVC straight union connectors

Assorted sizes of screw eyes and washers

Picture hanger wire

2'4" long 1"x4" wood for center holding at top of UFO

1 Package of 10' x 25' of black plastic for skin

Large package of 1" binder clips

1 string of variable speed chasing Xmas lights.

Via: Makezine

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