BMW Level 10 is open design PC case for gamers and more

CeBIT 2009 has seen some really intriguing PC designs and concepts. Some of them could be seen on the shelves soon, while most will still take a while to reach the ranks. Amid all, what’s the fate of this BMW, DesignworksUSA designed PC case, made in collaboration with Thermaltake, is pretty evident from its unique make, one that’s never seen before.

bmw pc case 4ubym 48
bmw pc case 4ubym 48

Dubbed the "Level 10," the PC case with its open design, looks way too different than the regular and custom made cases that we have seen. Revealing all assets that we’ve only seen hiding under the casing until, the Level 10 would have all the components well tucked within the shelve that are visible in the PC frame. We have no real info on the design and it’s stuffing, and also the availability is unknown, but what we can guess for now is that it could be a real expensive rig for the gaming fraternity.

Via: CrunchGear/Dvice/Gizmodo

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