Blaze PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller is only another Wii

Motion sensing is perhaps the new buck-making notion. Not only the big guns, but even the smaller fishes in the pond want to make themselves a place in this buck-making. Latest to meet the credentials is Blaze. Blaze enters the scene by embedding the latest motion sensing technology in its Wii-like controller for the PS3.

blaze ps3 motion freedom 3d controller
blaze ps3 motion freedom 3d controller

Dubbed the Blaze PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller, it has been ergonomically designed to give superior gaming comfort, interactivity and to transform the gaming possibilities alarmingly. We don’t have much info on how the controller wishes to do so, besides the fact that it’s only walking into shows that have already been used to satisfaction by Nintendo.

Via: Nexus404

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