Blast off with the Rocket Chair

Ky Michaelson aka the Rocketman has been fiddling around with rockets for almost all his life and in the process has managed to create quite a few nice contraptions, very predictably powered by rocket power. Here is one of his outrageous contraption that too many of you wouldn't want to be sitting in, the Rocket Chair. This chair, true to its name, will take off and when it does so, it will keep you in the air for a nail-biting, heart stopping 45 seconds. On first glance, the Rocket Chair doesn't look too dissimilar to the much abhorred dentist's chair with all the tubing around. The all metal chair even features three wheels that have independent suspensions. Once you muster up enough courage to sit onto this chair, you might as well want to turn around and see what exactly powers this scarily powerful chair. A 500 Pound Thrust Hydrogen-Peroxide rocket motor sits behind this chair that will guzzle up all of seven gallons of fuel on it's forty five second flight. To catch this chair, you will have to head to the Bloomington Art Centre in Minnesota, USA.

rocket chair hmRmY 5965
rocket chair hmRmY 5965

Via: TheRocketman

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