BlackMagic unveils world’s first USB 3.0 HDMI video capturing device

We wouldn’t be reckoned geniuses in guessing USB 3.0 as the new big thing in mass storage, but BlackMagic thinks USB 3.0 will enjoy a market beyond mass storage and we’ll hand it to them for the out of the box thought. To live with their thinking, BlackMagic has introduced Intensity Shuttle, the only 10-bit HD/SD and analog editing solution for USB 3.0 Windows computers. The semi-pro video capture box gives access to incredible quality 10-bit HD videos from HDMI 1.3 sources, along with s-video, composite and playback.

blackmagic intensity shuttle
blackmagic intensity shuttle

BlackMagic offers Intensity Shuttle with a peculiar design, which features input connections on one side and output connectivity on the other, yet keeping the entire package portable for the end users. The $199 Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 video capturing peripheral besides the HDMI 1.3 also comes ready with 1080p video capability. Drawing power from the USB 3.0 connections itself the Intensity Shuttle is definitely a peripheral to look for the day we have a USB 3.0 computers on our desks.

Via: EverythingUSB

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