Basketball Players to have Electroluminescent Displays on their Shirts

Shirts that display a players score and the number of fouls are being tested in Australia.

basket ball 69
basket ball 69

The shirts have a electroluminescent display on them that can show general information such as the amount of time left in the game. Researchers involved in the technology claim that the technology will be beneficial for the player's confidence in their team tactics.

The technology is named TeamAWear and will require an iPod sized computer to be strapped on the body of the player. The strapped computer further communicates with a central computer in the control system.

On the shirt there will be Luminescent bars running up the side of the vest to indicate the points scored by the player, lines on the shoulder indicate the number of fouls, chest panels will display the game time and panel on the back will display the current winning team.

Currently the technology is being tested in Basketball as in this game the statistics change quite rapidly and there is no physical contact involved. Researchers believe that the technology will be improved in some time so that it can be used in some other games also.

It will however be good to see the score on the players shirts rather than looking wickedly on to the score board.

Via: newscientisttech

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