Apple rumoured to unveil iOS 5 next month

Rumors keep pouring in on Apple’s potential announcement of its next generation mobile OS platform, iOS 5 early April 2011. It looks clear that the new rounds of rumors on Apple iOS 5 are boosted by the arrival of April, the month Apple launched iOS 4 last year. According to a German blog on Apple products, Apple will emerge iOS 5 and MobileMe feature early next month.

apple ios 5
apple ios 5

Apple iOS 5 is anticipated to sport several innovative features. Some sources reported that iOS 5 will be more compatible to Apple tablet PC iPad. Apple might have planned its iOS 5 as a big rival to Google’s tablet-only Android Version Honeycomb. As well, Apple iOS 5 is supposed to feature better notification system from its predecessor.

Apple reportedly hired Rich Dellinger last year to develop better iOS notification system for iOS 5. Dellinger is the man who worked behind the enhanced notification system on HP WebOS platform. Apple has recently announced second version of its market-hit Apple iPad 2. The company is looking ahead to announce next iPhone version, Apple iPhone 5 mid this year. It is not sure on which products iOS 5 will initially surface out.


Via: BGR

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