Apple to finally have Adobe Flash services in its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

You can either love Adobe Flash or hate it, but surely if you are a net user, you cannot ignore it. Yes, we are talking about those enriching for some (and intrusive for others) interactive animations and video bedecking the web pages. And in the latest turn of events, the exalted Apple is now all set to include Adobe Flash content in their range of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch products. As we said Flash cannot be ignored for long!

Apple meets Adobe
Apple meets Adobe

The availability of Flash content in the trio of Apple products was actually a part of the announcement during the IBC trade show in Amsterdam on 9th September. In this grand occasion, Adobe unveiled their newest Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and Adobe Flash Access 3.0 products that are being promised to efficiently (and seamlessly) deliver online content to Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices.

The new interactive technology is actually touted to improve upon the overall user experience without the dreaded system lagging. The Flash Media Server 4.5 will directly allow publishers to stream content on iOS based devices. In other words, this streaming feature will not require the support of the ubiquitous iOS Safari browser. Thus the whole streaming business does not use up the precious processing power of these bantam devices, instead the support is being offered intrinsically by the aforementioned Media Server.

Now, the decision to extend Adobe Flash technology to Apple devices may come as a surprise to some. Rewinding to January of 2010, after just a few days of announcing the renowned iPad, Steve Jobs himself called Adobe 'lazy' and actually went on to predict that no one would use Adobe in the future. But from an unbiased perspective, almost every other smartphone does use the Flash attribute in one form or the other. So, the 'future' is here, and Jobs has resigned from his CEO position. Are we witnessing the winds of change already?

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