From the vault: Apache - The 'multi-purpose' revolver

Multi-purpose is a pretty strange label for a revolver, but then again, the world is full of strange things. Although we don't expect the revolver to double up as a cellphone or a digicam, we'll certainly appreciate if it can do a couple of more tasks than just firing lame shots. And that's exactly what 'Apache' is all about. The multi-purpose revolver combines the advantage of a firearm, a knuckle-duster and a dagger, in a neatly incorporated manner.

apache the multi purpose revolver
apache the multi purpose revolver

The steel and brass revolver was manufactured by L. DOLNE à LIEGE from a patent filed in 1869. Although the tiny mechanism of this weapon is far from being fatal to anyone, the 7 mm caliber revolver is a working model and can actually fire real shots. The revolver measures 110 mm when folded and stretches to 200 mm when unfolded, and weighs 385 grams. So what if the 'Apache' is not programmed to spill buckets of blood on the streets? The mean look of the Apache is enough to generate a stream of casualties. Truly a collector's delight.

Via: LittleGun

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