Apacer drops useful revolving USB ports

It is a matter of past when one USB device blocks two side-by-side USB ports. Now, Apacer has come up with an innovative and useful 4-port USB 2.0 way out with two revolving ports offering more choice to users to connect devices.

rotatable ports 58
rotatable ports 58

Presenting 480 Mbps transfer rate (40 times quicker than USB 1.1), in addition to prompt USB connectivity for PCs and notebooks, the PH150 magic USB hub is composed of resilient aluminum alloy with two of its four ports rotating on 90 or 180 degrees, allowing bigger USB device attachment from diverse angles.

In case of USB devices consuming more power, for instance CD-ROM/CD burners, external hard drives and printers, an optional power adapter is available as well. Its bright red, orange, yellow, green and blue colors confer a vibrant look to your desktop.

Via: my-coke

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