Amazing technology that 'literally' lets you speak your mind!

Now, you can speak your mind out 'literally' with the help of an amazing technology. Hats off to the NASA scientists! They are developing a speech recognition system that is amazingly capable of understanding and relaying words that haven't been said out aloud!

muscles near his throat 9
muscles near his throat 9

This technology could one day be used for communication in high-noise environments or where there needs silence like for divers, firefighters and cell phone users.

In the new system, electrodes are attached to the throat for detecting biological signals - similar to what occur for a person reading or talking to him or herself. The signals, thus received, can then be converted into text or synthesized speech.

With his team developing the system, Chuck Jorgensen, a scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California said,

Subvocal speech recognition is basically the understanding of words without the requirement for sound.

We're looking at the neuromuscular patterns being sent through the nervous system and inferring from those patterns what words would have been said out loud had a person actually permitted himself to produce the acoustics.

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