Alivar flaunts a modern TV stand to liven your living room

Nowadays, TV and other device stands aren't merely a dwelling for your gadgets; they themselves have turned into accessories that liven up your drawing or living room.

alivar 58
alivar 58

Alivar has popped up with a Contemporary TV stand that with its modern TV unit perks up the grace of your home furnishings, together with the preferred expediency. Featuring a slot with a glossy metal shelf in front of the unit for accommodating DVD players or other devices, the hot TV stand includes two slender aluminum slabs, in a white finish, to put in a fresh and contemporary look.

The modern TV unit from Alivar with the aluminum shelving also offers a planned space for CD/DVD storage amongst the aluminum layers. You can place your flat display on the stand that offers TV and Hi-Fi support as well. Its aluminum base allows diverse apposite viewings angles for different corners. No words on pricing and availability.

Via: trendir

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