Alien chess set for the extraterrestrials

Chess enthusiasts can now look forward to add a bit of creepiness into this game of intelligence. Sota Toys has come up with chess boards inspired by James Cameroon's hit film Alien. Although the rules are still the same, the Aliens Chess Set makes it even more interesting by inserting the element of survival into the game. So, if you wanna live, you gotta beat the aliens. The board features pieces depicting marines on one side and the dreaded aliens on the other side. The board itself is designed like the space station from the original movie, displaying a gradual infestation by aliens from one side. The hollow chess board also acts as a storage to keep the pieces safe. The chess board is made of resin while the pieces are made of solid pewter metal. The set is available with pieces either painted or polished. And for those who like to have their goodies glittering, there's a gold plated version too. Sadly, the limited edition is no longer available for sale.

aliens chess set
aliens chess set

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Aliens Chess Set

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