After the flying boat, it is the flying car now.

We just saw the Geneva Motor show showcasing a flying boat. Now, for all you car and flying enthusiasts out there, here is one more reason to cheer, enter the Flying car prototype built by the father-son duo of Chris and Jame Milner. And for that real wind in the hair feeling, this flying car comes as a convertible when you hit the asphalt. Until now, there has been lots of flying cars being promised, but nothing really has made it past the prototype stage, but the Milner's want to bring this baby into production by 2010. That's not too far in the future. And later this month, at the New York International Auto Show, this car which is no bigger than a Toyota Corolla is all set to thrill visitors. And what makes this almost flying car so compact? Retractable and foldable wings which conceal some of the airplane hardware make this one compact machine. For now, the Milners have made the Car-plane roadworthy and are working away furiously to make it lift off as soon as possible.

milner flying car
milner flying car

And how do they plan to switch from road to Air mode? Via two Dash mounted displays which shift the info displayed depending on which mode the driver, er.. pilot wants to be in. On the road though, this baby can mile munch at 85mph and when it gets into the air, a good cruising speed of 200 miles at an almost mile high 25000 feet. And ofcourse, you can't have the best of both worlds at no expense. Be prepared to shell out half a million greenbacks to own, fly and drive this Car-plane. Lets hope this Car-plane doesn't promise, just to deceive.

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