A Wheelchair equipped with 360-degree camera system

The electric wheelchair has given some relief to those with severe disability similarly, it has caused clashing and accidental instances.

wheelchair 1
wheelchair 1

Therefore, to get rid of the problem Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has integrated sharp automotive systems, in the chair, which can discern the circumstances of collisions before they can actually happen and thus takes the precautionary steps.

The wheelchair incorporates Stereo Omni-directional System, which features a 360-degree camera system that covers the whole surroundings. What makes it special is that it can be controlled merely by the indication of a gesture. The electric wheelchair has the ability to detect changes in posture thus alerts if user needs medical support.

The prototype is scheduled to be demonstrated in September 27 to 29 at the 2006 Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo.

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