A trash collector robot coming to life soon

Evolution of robots, rather robotics as a whole has been widespread, touching upon all aspects of life. Leaving nothing half-baked, we have robots introduced in almost all walks of human existence – in cases assisting and at few legs guided to failure. Under work thus, to keep up with the pace in progression is a trash collector robot, which according to the developers is intended to assist in the household chores, with proposed objectives of collecting trash on the floor and avoiding it from falling back on the floor.

trash collector robot
trash collector robot

The project Trash Collector Robot (TCR-2009) is in the testing phase yet, but is an intelligent robot in the making with ultrasonic, light and sound sensors embedded for ultimate results in cleanliness. The ultrasonic sensors detect the nearest object on the floor and guide the robot to move in the direction, the light however helps in identifying the color of the object while the sound is used by the bot to guide the four used conveyer belts to move accordingly.

trash collector robot project
trash collector robot project

Capable of moving in 360 degrees, the trash collector robot has many loopholes to be dealt with before making an actual appearance. The builders are finding it stiff to adjust both the front two conveyer belts and the two in the back. The wheels of the bot are a concern too – the front body mass of the robot is heavy which is why the entire balance is unstable, and therefore the robot on identifying the object but cannot move correctly to the object.

The developers are determined to work to make the bot fictional, and thereby wish to work on these small problems, let hope they are successful and we have another cleaning robot for our house.

Via: Roboticdnt4qut2

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