A personal commuter "Segway" from Toshiba

Finally Toshiba has also jumped in to the segway wagon with its release of a new scooter.

toshibatrike166x366 63
toshibatrike166x366 63

Although there is not much info available on the scooter but from what we have, it seems the scooter is fuel cell powered with advanced technologies like auto navigation and anti-collision incorporated in it.

It is basically a personal commuter but I have no knowledge of it power and top speed (as if it was to be used as a racing machine).

There are LED lights in front of the scooter to help it communicate with the other Toshiba transporters

Still the use of Segway's is banned on public roads in Japan but looks like all these new technologies were incorporated to get the future approval from the Government.

Via: News3yen

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