3D Racing Games: 10 Best Reviewed

3D has made considerable inroads into the way we enjoy our digital content these days. The term is increasingly getting associated with almost everything even remotely related to entertainment. Be it the latest TVs, mobile phones, projectors, PCs or gaming consoles, they all come with the 3D technology natively integrated into them. This technology which has been present for ages has carved a niche for itself in the Hollywood industry as well as its distant cousin, the gaming industry. The increasing popularity of the technology in the upcoming gaming sector is attributed to the 3D’s extreme visual enhancement capabilities. Simply put, the 3D has added a new dimension to the way we see and perceive our digital world.

Most of the games available in the market today can be played in 3D provided you have the necessary hardware. It includes the latest 3D technology like Nvidia’s 3D Vision kit or the passive TriDef technology combined with the right GPU and a 120 Hz screen. Our review of the latest and the best racing games that can be played in 3D will surely whet your appetite for speed.

Price: $31

DiRT 3 is a superb off road racing game that adds some new and great features and scores over its predecessor at just about every opportunity.


When DiRT 2 was launched in 2009 it boasted a lengthy and engaging career mode with great multiplayer options, all of it presented in an excellent manner. The sequel loses none of these features apart from making some great additions to this edition. Split screen multiplayer that supports two controllers is now an option along with more vehicle classes to choose from. Gymkhana events and snowy conditions pose fresh challenges and new multiplayer modes add to the overall thrill. Dirt 3 brings a variety of superb content to the gamers and because it offers a plethora of customizable difficulty settings and assistance. Newcomers as well as veterans can enjoy its excellent off road action.

Company/Brand Name:Codemasters
  1. New event types and variety to solo as well as multiplayer experience.
  2. Cars, trucks and buggies look great and handle superbly well.
  3. DiRT 3 supports online as well spilt screen multiplayer.
Price: $35

Addition of brand new car classes to the already excellent series of touring vehicles makes RACE 07 stand above the rest.


RACE 07, the sequel to RACE: The WTCC Game from SimBin, expands the game further with new racing classes such as Formula 3000, radical sports cars and even Minis. Despite these additions RACE 07 still maintains its WTCC branding. As a result, the focus is on touring car leagues because the majority of tracks in the game are taken from current and previous WTC championships. You can play the full championship from 2006 and 2007 seasons which include practice, qualifying, warm up and two races for each of the meets.

RACE 07 is a serious racing game but one that feels authentic. The game can be customized to create the experience you like with numerous driving assists that can be disabled to make the game more difficult. On the beginners setting, the damage level of each crash is limited to only 30 percent of that in the real world. On the pro level, damage affects your car technically as well as aesthetically.

Company/Brand Name:SimBin
  1. Highly authentic racing experience.
  2. Includes both 2006 and 2007 seasons.
  3. High quality artificial intelligence drivers.
Price: $60

GRID is a hardcore racing game that tests your true skills as driver in the most stylish way.


Codemasters Racing Studio has created room in the already crowded videogame racing market for its new entry, Race Driver GRID. It’s a game that lies on the borderline between arcade racer and hardcore simulation all wrapped up in a high voltage package.

Grid is an intense, highly racing focused experience that offers almost everything a street racing game should possess. Speed, drama, precision, competition and a sense of hard won progression, everything with an impeccable style.

Grid has a slick cinematic tone and it's like a theme that carries over strongly into the game. Its best component is a cinematic replay camera that gives you an unprecedented sense of speed, sound and action on the racetrack.

Company/Brand Name:Codemasters
  1. Simply insane crashes and highly intense races.
  2. Cars are presented in a brilliant manner.
  3. Superb graphics even at terrific speeds.
Price: $15

Pure delivers an outrageous off road racing experience packed with style and slickness.


Pure has the soul of an extreme sports game. You will spend most of the time doing things that are next to impossible. Pure manages to get the vehicle feel right which is the most important essence in racing games. Bikes have sufficient weight without feeling clunky when you’re airborne and tires dig appropriately into the terrain when you take corners. Although damage modeling is absent, opponents can still bump you off the track or land on your head to a nasty effect during a race.
But the intuitive trick system is what sets Pure apart.

The main focus of Pure is on the World Tour, a single player career mode in which you choose a racer, build your bike and set out to complete 10 stages of increasing difficulty. There are three single player event types: Sprint, Race and Freestyle. Whereas Sprint and Race are all about crossing the finish line first, Freestyle is where Pure shines the brightest. In Freestyle, you've to battle against time to pile the best trick score. Once you master the tricks and become an expert, the Freestyle mode is most gratifying.

Company/Brand Name:Disney Interactive Studios
  1. Intuitive controls, charming tracks and simply crazy tricks.
  2. The bikes look sharp and animations are equally engaging and slick.
Price: $92

Test Drive Unlimited creates a virtual world filled with fun and leisure to drive in.


With its great ability for thousands of gamers to play simultaneously, Test Drive® Unlimited is Massively Open Online Racing (M.O.O.R). This is an unprecedented experience for racing gamers and is the ultimate automobile experience for car and bike enthusiasts alike.

Once inside the game, players can visit some of the most sophisticated car and bike dealers to purchase new vehicles or simply take them for a test drive. Gamers can then participate in eight player races or take vehicles for a spin on the over 1000 miles of diverse Hawaiian roads and pass by a number of other players online. Players can also collect and trade rare performances parts and customize their vehicles. Finally, gamers have to win races, challenges, missions and tournaments to earn credits and purchase new cars, bikes, rare performance components and other knick knacks.

Company/Brand Name:Atari
  1. The feature to encounter other online drivers any instant is cool.
  2. Single and multiplayer experiences are nicely blended.
  3. An extremely scenic island with seemingly unlimited roads.
  4. Lots of race options to choose from.
Price: $30

The licensed content and budget price make MotoGP 3 a great choice for racing fans.


MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology is the latest motorcycle racing simulation that comes complete with a full roster of riders and courses from all over the world. The third installment of the series offers an arcade style racing experience with the addition of extreme mode which adds all new fictional tracks and riders to complement the licensed part of the game.

MotoGP 3 is split into two distinct but complementary racing modes: Grand Prix mode and extreme mode. The Grand Prix mode allows you to take part in the 2004 MotoGP season with fully licensed tracks, riders, and bikes. All the riders, bikes and tracks are represented with great precision.

Company/Brand Name:THQ
  1. Availability of official MotoGP tracks, riders and their bikes.
  2. Crisp graphics and excellent bike physics.
  3. The newly added extreme tracks provide a much needed change of pace.
Price: $96

Motocross Madness 2 isn't the most realistic but certainly one of the most enjoyable simulation games.


Simulation might not be the right term to describe this dirt bike game with minimum setup options and a physics model that lets you pull off jumps and stunts which made it the most exciting and addictive game of 1998.

As for the sequel, it's bigger and better in just about every conceivable way. From scenic graphics to breathtaking crash and stunt animations to the impressive array of indoor courses and fully realized outdoor environments, Motocross Madness 2 never fails to impress. Whether you opt for a thrilling 15 minute session full of stunts or a marathon session of online racing, the game compels you to give it one more go.

Company/Brand Name:Microsoft Game Studios
  1. Superb stunt sessions.
  2. Gameplay is as compelling as it can get, even with the bare minimums.
  3. Lot of variety in terms of tracks, dirt bikes and off road vehicles
Price: $20

Live For Speed’s main accomplishment is it makes the cars feel gratifyingly real and that to in a challenging multiplayer environment.


The new S2 version of Live For Speed looks, sounds and feels more natural than any of its competitor. S2 is an upgrade to the S1 in numerous ways, most obvious being the handling of the cars. A damage model is also included that contorts and deforms the cars to a level that will send you into peals of laughter. Eight fantasy cars are added to the existing line up to supplement three fantasy tracks and loads of new features.

Company/Brand Name:LFS Team
  1. Feels amazingly real
  2. Damage modeling
  3. Rally tracks are par excellence
  4. Stability and compatibility
Price: $84

The GTR 2 summons the best of your abilities as a virtual race driver.


SimBin's GTR 2 is an expansive and challenging sequel to one of the best racing games of last year, the GTR FIA Racing. At its price, it remains one of the standout deals of the year. The content isn't that much different from the original. The game still revolves around GT racing which is an enthralling mixture of multiclass sports cars from makers such as Ferrari, Porsche, TVR, Saleen and many more. All of them competing on a cosmopolitan lineup of real life tracks scattered all around the world. The driving model which so realistically captured the thrilling yet often twitchy experience of driving a highly tuned sports car in the original GTR, is even more finely tuned in the sequel.

Company/Brand Name:SimBin/ 10tacle Studios
  1. It offers the best racing, driving and crashing experience
  2. Cars and tracks have been developed comprehensively.
  3. Massive options for tuning.
  4. The driving school is a great asset.
Price: $13

The SEGA Rally is made for perfectionists as it requires great skills to race against growing competition.


SEGA Rally Revo is rally racing toned down to its purest arcade form. Customizing your ride goes as deep as picking off road or standard road tires. You can choose between a manual or automatic transmission for any of the 30 odd cars but victory glory is derived solely from your skills behind the wheel. This game is so focused on the driving itself that its off track feature sometimes take a back seat and everything outside of the race is stripped down to just a few choices.

SEGA Rally Revo has a steep learning curve. Beginners will likely find themselves sliding back and forth from one invisible wall to another. SEGA Rally Revo is a reminiscent that games needn’t be grotesque and dark to be visually appealing and cool. Sometimes even a scenic surrounding is exactly what the eyes crave for in a game. This is surely one of those cases.

Company/Brand Name:SEGA
  1. Superb rally racing mechanism.
  2. The game looks stellar especially the blue skies.
  3. The game has a lasting appeal.


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