$20 prosthetic leg the ‘JaipurKnee’ for amputees in third world

Crafted for a course in biomedical design, dubbed the JaipurKnee, this prosthetic knee joint is for the amputees in the developing world and the not so affluent elsewhere. There are ample examples we can track back on, wherein projects for thesis and design competition have made it big and better in the legion of established architects.


The making and how it works

Cometh from Stanford based engineer, Joel Sadler and his project team, the JiapurKnee drawing inspiration and knowledge from the high-end titanium knee joints, is made using oil-filled nylon polymer which makes the brace self-lubricating and highly flexible. 43 units of the $20 knee joint have been distributed in India, and in order to inform the world about their generous induction for amputees cause, Sadler and his fellows exhibited the JaipurKnee at Stanford's annual Cool Product Expo, where it lured the most

Via: Physorg

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