Designer creates a baby stroller with an adroit futuristic essence

Previously, we have nonchalantly harped about advanced mobile devices, and we have gleefully reiterated about quirky gadgets. But, then why should only grown ups have all the fun? Well, some of our modern day designers certainly feel that way, and a few among them have even gone out of their way to rectify this kid 'discrimination issue'. And, thus we have the 'Electra 225', a bantam baby stroller bedecked with an utterly futuristic composition.

Baby stroller
Baby stroller

Intentionally stained with a decrepit copper hue, and packed with all the circuitry of meters, wires and spouts; the 'machine' does look like a time traveling contraption, specially crafted for adventure loving kids.

Baby stroller
Baby stroller

Of course, it has to have that special retro styled futuristic effect, because the conception is about to be displayed at iam8bit. It is a Los Angeles gallery known for its eccentric yet novel, pop culture-themed shows. And, this time the theme is "So You Created A Wormhole"; which already explains this designer's fascination with time traveling and modernistic thingamabobs.

We also have the adorable video with our space hopping kid on the sci-fi set up. And, we bet, you would love the accompanying musical score.

Electra 225The kid is happy, and so are we!

Via: io9

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