Day Maker: iPhone toaster alarm to help you pop up out of bed with a smile

Putting your iPhone in the toaster is most definitely not a very smart thing to do. But in case of the iPhone toaster alarm charging station, it is really a wonderful experience. This wonderful iPhone dock allows you to wake up when you want and does so without having to fumble through the touch screen as you try and switch off your iPhone alarm. Shaped much like a toaster, all you need to do is push in the iPhone into Day maker after you have set the time for your alarm. Not only will it wake you up, but it simultaneously charges your phone overnight as well, which is a great added bonus.

Day Maker
Day Maker

The beauty of Day Maker is that if you are not really in the mood to get up and need those extra few minutes of nap (which all of us seem to want), then all you need to do is push the iPhone back in gently to set up the snooze. It is simple to use and easy to handle in all the early morning drowsiness and its simple interface and familiar design ill surely put a smile on your face as you start the day.

Currently a project on Kickstarter, you can get one of these for $100 if you are an early backer of the project and if those run out then you can still get your hands on one for $125. Considering how they will retail for $180 after the project takes off, this is a pretty good deal indeed. You have choice of colors in black, white, red and gray. Take your pick…

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