Is CNN buying Mashable, at least the rumor say yes!

In the most exciting rumor of the day, we learn that International News giant CNN may be in talks to acquire social media website Mashable for upwards of $200 million. The rumor comes from Reuters blogger Felix Salmon, who says he’s learned from an unnamed source that CNN is likely to buy Mashable for more than $200 million, an announcement of which is expected to take place on Tuesday.

CNN buying Mashable
CNN buying Mashable

The acquisition rumor could be true because of the fact that Mashable has almost the same kind of consumer focus as CNN does, it is not directed towards tech insiders primarily, but has a larger mass appeal with over 20 million readers per month. Adam Ostrow, executive editor at Mashable has “liked” Felix Salmon’s Reuters article about the acquisition on Facebook, which could also be a hint about the rumor being true.

Though, Mashable with a similar market focus could be a great franchise for CNN to bet on with so much of money, but the not so successful acquisition of TechCrunch by AOL would certainly be a major worry for CNN. But being determined not to make the same mistake as AOL, if CNN does go ahead with the acquisition then, this will be CNN's biggest acquisition ever.

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