Wearable and intelligent autographer camera makes capturing the everyday experience easier

If you are the philosophical types and want to capture the essence of the everyday life through the lens of a camera but find carefully captured shots too pretentious and concocted, then the ‘Autographer’ wearable smart camera is just what the doctor ordered for you. Deve...
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Full-frame Canon EOS 6D comes with GPS and Wi-Fi

If you though the EOS 5D Mark III from Canon was a meaty DSLR camera, you’ve got to have a look at the sleek new offering from the company. Dubbed the EOS 6D, the new Canon cam is a lot more compact than its predecessor and is the first Canon offering to boast of GPS and Wi-Fi. As a still shooter, the 6D comes with a unique...
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Panasonic teases futuristic G Camera’s 72Mbps movie-making creds via mini drama

Over the past few years, camera makers have been using short movies made with elaborate plots and settings to demonstrate their latest technologies. Even though Panasonic is not the all-too-familiar name with movie producers just yet, the company is hoping that that its latest offering might do the trick. Dubbed “G”, the ...
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Sony NEX-6 offers DSLR experience to compact cameras

The NEX-6 is a feature packed new offering from Sony who has created it for DSLR fans who don’t want to lug around a heavy camera. The NEX-6 is placed between the NEX-7 and NEX-5R ranges of Sony cameras. Like other models in the NEX range, that model offers a Fast Hybrid AF as well. With a 2,359k dot resolution the NEX-6 co...
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Sling Shot Camera helps you piss off people and take amusing pictures of them

Most of us make funny faces when we are scared or taken by surprise. However, one has to be incredibly lucky to capture a picture of someone at the exact moment when they are truly surprised since most of us today are used to posing for pictures. For people who are annoyed with friends that always look nice in their pictures ...
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Satechi wireless remote control for cannon DSLR cameras

Of all the vocations one can choose in the arts, photography has got to be among the most expensive ones. From spending a tonne of money on buying a good DSLR to paying for accessories like tripods and flashes and lenses, every aspect of photography costs a whole lot of money. However, there are conscientious photography acce...
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NHK develops 33MP 120fps HD Imaging System for peerless captures

Amateurs and photography professionals who somewhere feel fidgety or on the qui vive for the obscurity caused by their photographical fast moving objects may finally put their feet up. Well to get to the point, NHK has just joined hands with Shizuoka University for developing their latest 33 Megapixel Ultra High Definition Im...
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Diminutive cameras that fit perfectly into your palm

If you prefer putting an edge to your photographic skills, learning ropes about the diversified modes, or simply enjoying seizing beautiful moments whilst junketing around, you would know what a ‘trimmed down’ chassis signifies for a photographer. Although there’s a plenitude of cameras that blow their horn for featurin...
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Pentax intros K-30, a weather and dust proof SRL with brilliant features

Pentax has uncovered its new digital SLR camera, the K-30 with some enhanced weather and dust resistance capabilities. The SLR camera superbly combines a set of coveted attributes such as a compact and lightweight body and sophisticated camera features. Pentax brags high-tech auto-focusing, full HD video capturing, cold and d...
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Samsung ships WiFi-enabled QF20 and rugged W300 camcorders to U.S.

Teasing five fresh camcorders at CES in January, Samsung enticed us all. Since then we have been with no word of the camcorders from the South Korean firm. Right now, Samsung has sprung up taking two of the camcorders to the U.S. stores. The QF20 Smart and W300, two major models of the five CES 2012 demoed camcorders, come wi...
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