Boxee TV with cloud DVR storage lets you take your recordings with you

DVR sets are a dime a dozen these days and most of them offer a lot of standard features like HD recording, recording a different programs to the one being watched, internet video streaming and various web-based video apps. However, the one aspect of all DVRs that is the most bugging by far is the fact that most such gadgets come with a hard disc drive that is used to store recorded programs. However, the newly introduced Boxee TV promises to make the DVR experience more intuitive and user friendly thanks to its “No Limits DVR” system.

Boxee TV with cloud DVR storage
Boxee TV with cloud DVR storage

The system basically allows users to upload recorded programs on cloud storage which lets users access their recordings on their mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones as well their TVs. Boxee TV brings user generated videos, TV shows and on-demand movies to the user’s TV via apps like Vimeo, YouTube, VUDU and Netflix that come pre-installed on the system. The maker of Boxee TV also plan on bringing great music apps like Pandora to the system soon as well.

For now, Boxee TV with No Limits DVR will be launched in major U.S. markets like D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC with other markets being covered later in 2013. For just $14.99 a month, users can secure a DVR subscription while the Boxee TV itself will cost $99 and will be available starting November 2012.

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