Best homemade helicopters to take you high above the rest

So whether you plow and harrow or lead more of some backwoods and sylvan lifestyle, multifaceted hazardous machinery might rather not sound a prime choice for your home-brew project. Although some other avant garde equipments could still be tried and tested, but adopting an independent route of projecting some home-grown, reliable aircrafts such as a helicopter would seriously require a lot more than just a ‘thought’. While the principal mechanism of function stays interchangeable, but don’t you forget – other embedded significant components reveal more of their incredible, homemade side. Listed below are such amazing helicopters that have not only simplified a lot of things for the ones who devised them, but have also swept many off their feet. After all, creativity and innovation is what you need (even when residing deep within the mud). Let’s cut the frills and take a look over the best homespun helicopters that indeed can take anyone high above the rest.

Yes, it’s a mosquito – but not the one who hums in ears and bites you, but is one that takes you off really high! Claimed to be the world’s lightest manned helicopter, the professional-looking homemade Mosquito Air includes a two cylinder 60-hp engine from Compact Radial Engine under the hood, whereas the outer shell benefits from Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 aluminum. The strength, reportedly, gets elevated through a simple triangulated structure and straight tubing which also helps in maximizing the potential and trimming down the weight.

If you thought farmers can merely fertilize, garden or plow their land, then you might have to shift your thoughts around. The spectacularly conceptualized Farmer Made Homemade Helicopter by Vietnamese farmers is one such example that showcases a great possibility of endowing wings to aircrafts despite belonging to an agricultural background. Devised using sturdy components, the helicopter incorporate homespun metal alloys in critical parts and ascertain flying reliability due to its integrated strong rotor blades. However, the tips of rotor blades tend to prance close to supersonic speeds – resulting into a craft’s characteristic sound. Though it is yet to be decided whether the aircraft will receive permit for low level hovering flights, the investors somehow believe that the new farmer made helicopter can very be utilized for cattle herding, aerial observation and spraying crops with pesticide.

When most of us were swamped strengthening bonds with amigos at the age of 24 years, Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi thought of something totally out of the box. The homemade helicopter by a young physics undergraduate intrigues everyone for its unique home-grown fabrication and promising functionality. The four-seater aircraft, doused in banana yellow, is built from scrap aluminum and old cars and motorbikes discarded parts. Powered by a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine, the massive helicopter anticipates to deliver optimum efficiency whereas seats planked down from a grizzled Toyota saloon car ensure comfort. What’s more, there’s a small screen on the dashboard for ground vision and an accelerator lever between the seats for enhancing the overall experience. However for now, the flying machine is just resting as a spindly metal frame in the back yard.

Another magnificent piece of work comes from a 20 year old Chinese farmer by the name of Wu Zhongyuan. The homespun helicopter infuses relevant knowledge with decent aesthetics for literally working out. Well, the single-seater chopper project features distinctive blades made from an Elm tree’s wood and an interesting engine which comes from a motorcycle. Although the Government in China has forbid the maker to fly due to safety reasons, the aircraft however still looks promising enough to fly as high as 2,600 feet with its steep pipe frame. Wow, what an invention!

Ok, another flying machine that may catch your unawares from the home ground is – the unique helicopter by Gao Hanjie. The fancy aircraft not only beautifully fulfils the dream of personal flying, but also epitomizes a new realm in aviation. Weighing around 350 kg (yes, that sounds pretty cumbersome though), the three-meter-long helicopter boasts of its remarkably short rotor blades and professional structure. Quite like others, Gao is looking forward to receive a green signal too for testing his creation.

The overwhelmingly unique helicopter by three Somaliland nationals also joins the league for the best home-grown helicopters. But, the most distinguishing factor revolves around its construction that employs scrap metals and an old van engine. Touted to be the foremost helicopter by Somali, the flying machine however aims at taking flights in the city and surrounding areas. The final flight testing and the concerned approval from the government are yet to be acquired though.

Don’t be mistaken – Simcopter does nowhere plunge out from those superficial cartoon character's lives. In fact, it is one of the most unusual aircraft concepts that have ever been put across. Devised by Joe Cain of Morgan Hill, the machine goes the farthest and catches attention for having combined one-of-a-kind homespun aircraft with a Simca car. Embedded with an impressive 300 horsepower Lycoming aircraft engine, the flying machine swells innovation with a welded super-structure and caliber to take off really high. However, the exact performance and hardware specifications are yet to be divulged.

Yet again, it’s a young maker from China who has pulled the right chords as far as conceptualizing an aircraft on the home ground is concerned. The homemade helicopter by Chen Zhao Rong feels proud for incorporating a sturdy engine that delivers a good-enough performance after leaving the ground. Nonetheless to notify, the first successful flight took the developer about one metre off the ground. Now tell us, if it needs any correction despite having employed metal scraps and discarded equipments for a successful flight.

We also found Delta D2 as pretty compelling enough to get listed under the best home-based helicopter projects so far. The world’s first biofuel-capable helicopter (as touted by) grabs eyeballs for introducing a whole new concept and using significantly less fuel while getting around 30 percent to 40 percent more range per gallon. This, according to the developers, should be an incredible step-up from those standard engines who gulp down more energy. Enclosed in pleasant aesthetics, the eye-catchy homemade aircraft further comes embedded with a water-cooled, four-cylinder, turbo-charged diesel engine. By taking advantage of which, the helicopter will basically consume 75 percent less fuel than turbine aviation engines. However as far the availability is concerned, the makers of Delta D2 are planning to sell the machine as a DIY kit to farmers in remote areas. If go by the surfacing words, the flying machine should be made available by the end of this year. Way to go!

Lastly yet equally stunning, the Haiticopter wraps up our listing for indeed the most outstanding helicopters which have drawn their physical existence either at the back of some yard or while fidgeting with the metal scraps and discarded parts. The fully functional helicopter is definitely nowhere less than genius. Sure enough, some may find the angles and the form a bit odd. Nonetheless, the promising aircraft hopes to change a lot of things in the aviation field. Developed by two ingenious brothers in Haiti, the purposeful Haiticopter is a sure bet when it comes to a complete aircraft machine. Hold on, the most amazing part of the flying project is believed to be its entire cost which sums up to only 45,000 Haitian dollars. Well, definitely a thumb-up for this one.


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