Asher Levine performs at Fashion Week with MakerBot printed 3D glasses

Asher Levine and team’s show at New York Fashion Week might have delighted 3D printing enthusiasts. The American fashion designer and models emerged on stage donning sunglasses printed out of the celebrated 3D printer, MakerBot. Levine, known for his bizarre designs for the likes of Lady Gaga, has superbly harnessed 3D printing technology in his presentation at Fashion Week.

MakerBot 3D printer
MakerBot 3D printer

Levine honestly believes in the potential scope of MakerBot in fashion designing. The 32-year-old designer says the progress in 3D printing technology has really changed his view of designing. Advanced tools will make designers and even the commoners capable to design their own items, Levine hopes.

MakerBot is an advanced and highly affordable 3D printer. The machine can print out 3D objects out of computer designed items. The printer can also scan and download various designs for converting them to 3D objects. The process of 3D printing is quite easier using the $1225 3D printer.

MakerBot utilizes different materials to print 3D objects. Amazingly, it is an open source device meaning that users can customize the printer for their quality and affordability requirements. In fact, it prints out any object that comes within the 100x100x100 dimensions.

Of course, as Levine notes there is a huge significance for MakerBot and other 3D printers in fashion designing. Like the sunglasses, the machine can also print shoes, outfits and other dressing items in highly customized forms. Designers can envisage any objects for printing using the 3D printers.

MakerBot 3D printer has been one of much talked about devices in New York. Since its commercial availability in 2009, around 10,000 units of the 3D printer are sold out so far.

Via: CNN/Ubergizmo/MTV

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