Apple's MacBook Pro with surround sound system

While everyone is talking about the new iPad, one more Apple product is going through path breaking changes: The Apple MacBook Pro. The company is trying to deploy audio transducers combined with multiple speakers to enable surround sound configuration on MacBook.

When a speaker decreases in size to accommodate inside a small device, its sound quality and bass output also goes down. In the similar way, the frequencies and volume level also decreases with its size. Apart from that, the volume inside the electronic device shrinks that leaves less air for a speaker to vibrate and hence limits the audible response. However, if Apple will be successful in embedding a surround sound speaker system in its portable laptops, the same technology can be used win other portable devices as well.

Talking about the details, there will be one speaker positioned on each side of the display for treble, one speaker on the hinges responsible for medium level frequencies and one at the palm rest for bass release.

Surround Sound System for Macbook Pro
Surround Sound System for Macbook Pro

Audio transducer used for the audio output will be designed with advanced technique for full range frequency response. This technology based on mobile lifestyle will make the notebook a more suitable movie hub; there is no doubt that the people who are looking to ditch the expensive, and cumbersome big screens will welcome this with open arms. Apart from that, people who watch live streaming of movie, games TV shows on their PC will also be attracted towards this feature.

Audio Transducer
Audio Transducer

Apple has not touched the MacBook range from past few years, may be this is the reason why the company is trying to bring some dramatic changes to its functions and form factor. Especially when many other brands are also trying to innovate some new features with their new models, there is no reason why Apple should be behind.

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