Where are they: The most anticipated slider Ultrabooks

We are rapidly heading towards a world where small is indeed the ‘in thing’ and people want gadgets that can multitask and would want their one ‘magic’ device to do almost everything and anything possible. Integrating broad functionality with sleek form, while preserving performance and speed is the new challenge that gadget makers face. The concept of an ‘Ultrabook’ is in itself comparatively novel and to integrate it with the feel of a tablet is the top firms are trying to achieve. Slider ultrabooks might be the next big rage if manufacturers can get their dimensions right. So, why not take a look at what we have been promised so far?

Here is a slider Ultrabook from Chinese manufacturer GoWorld and it has already been showcased both at IDF Beijing 2012 and CES 2012. News is that this slider Ultrabook could soon hit production as manufacturers are interested in offering the option of a ‘tablet and Ultrabook in one’ to consumers. While the keypad slides out pretty coolly, at 13.3 inches it might be still a bit ungainly as a tablet. Obviously it won’t match the top end tablets out their today in ergonomics, but the appeal of a tablet that slides out into an Ultrabook might make up for that.


This is the latest hybrid Ultrabook concept that is being developed by Intel and they have just offered a short demonstration of how it functions on Windows 8. The Letexo doubles up beautifully as a tablet and an Ultrabook as it slides out with ease. The screen of the device will be gently pushed forward and it rests against a built-in stand. Running on Intel’s Ivy Bridge series, Letexo seems like a descent combination of both worlds. Since it is an Intel prototype, do not expect it in stores anytime soon. But it might eventually still make its way out on to store shelves with a few more tweaks.

The good thing about Letexo is that it has connectivity ports and there seem to be at least two USB ports along with a HDMI port and that is good news since this was always considered as one of the drawbacks for potential slider ultrabook models.

This one was on display at CES 2012 and while we have had a closer look at Letexo, this seems somewhat different and more like a smartphone that has a QWERTY keypad that slides out in its form factor. Of course, the 12 or 13 inch screen that it sports can double up as a tablet that is a tad bit bigger than the 10-inch tablets that you already have out today. Maybe the Letexo was a development on this ‘Slider’ at CES or maybe this design is made for an entirely different line-up. Either way, this is one sleek design that might actually attract people towards the ‘hybrid Ultrabook’ concept.

Samsung did not really give whole lot of details at CES 2012 when they showcased the Slider 7. They were not even committal on branding it as a ‘slider Ultrabook’, but that is definitely what the Slider 7 is. Like all others we have seen so far, this one pretty much sports the same form factor and is still in developmental stage. Samsung is apparently working along with HTC on the design of the Slider 7 and comes with Atom-based Oak Trail CPU. Samsung seem to have designed a custom UI for this one and hopefully they will come out with a slider ultrabook very soon that will redefine the way we look at such models and will set a whole new trend.

Here is another hybrid ultrabook showcased at CES 2012 (which seems to have been the stage where all the big players decided to bring their slider ultrabook prototypes to) and coming from Sony, this is an improvised version of the current VAIO lineup. The Sliding VAIO Ultrabook comes with a 12 or 13 inch screen and most likely will run on Windows 8, if and when it does come out as a commercial model. There are a couple of USB ports for connectivity and you also have speakers coming in behind the keyboard.

There is also apparently a small stylus that comes along and if you want to slide in the keypad and use it as a tablet, a small stylus seems pretty appropriate for a screen that is as much as 13 inches wide.


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