AngelMed’s Guardian System predicts heart attacks to saves lives

Heart failure is one of lethal causes for deaths across the world. Quite often, heart attacks end up in critical conditions due to the late availability of medical treatment. What about a technology to predict a nearing heart attack? Well, it can save many lives with timely medical aid. The New Jersey-based cardiac surveillance firm Angel Medial System (AngelMed) has realized a revolutionary technology to help patients get to hospitals immediately in event of heart attacks.

AngelMed’s Guardian System
AngelMed’s Guardian System

The technology, named Guardian System, works with an implantable cardiac monitor inside the chest and an outside alarm system. Put it succinctly, the internal device is an electrocardiogram, which monitors significant cardiac changes in heart. In case of any irregular cardiac activity, the monitor sets off a signal to the exterior device to warn the patient for immediate medical action. In turn, heart patients get enough time to call 911 and seek medical aid.

The monitor will make two alarms in case of any heart issues. After the primary alarm, it will make one more alert if the situation is that serious and requires emergency medical attention in 48 hours. The chance for repeated heart attacks is high in heart patients so such people will be much blessed to get this surveillance system.

Many countries in Europe and Brazil have already approved the technology for commercial use. But, it is still under clinical trial in the United States. In the country, the Guardian System is being tested under a nationwide trail, called ALERTS. The Virginia Cardiovascular Associates (VCA) is one of three trail centres of the heart attack surveillance system. Once finally approved, the system can change the way the medical science currently handles the most dangerous health issue.

Under trails at VCA, the Guardian System is made available to a person who has had a heart failure in last six months and is aged over 21-years. VCA has twelve patients under its testing of the technology from AngelMed. Across the country, there are around 400 patients with the device for testing. Cardiologists keenly follow all developments in the hearts of the patients through the monitor in every 10 to 14 days. Besides alarms, the monitor stores the entire details regarding the patient’s heart. Amazingly, it can record all significant cardiac activities, which will be highly helpful for physicians during further treatment or surgery.

Dr. Hamid Taheri of the VCA is optimistic about the technology. Taheri keeps high hopes of the significant outcome of the trails. The technology will hopefully become a great way to save thousands of people from heart failures in coming future, Taheri thinks. He adds that currently there is a significant decline in heart-caused deaths in the U.S. due to the increased awareness of being fit and this Guardian System can help a long way.


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