Affordable Autom Robotic Weight Loss Coach now set for pre-order at just $200

The Autom Robotic Weight Loss Coach first came into being way back in 2007 when it was pioneered by the good folks at the MIT Media Lab. However, Indiegogo has revived the project and expects to begin shipping the robot in less than six months. The robot is devised to help you lose weight by basically nagging you about what you have eaten during the day which may remind a lot of us of our mothers and older sisters. Just like the overbearing women in our lives, the robot also gives you feedback about your eating patterns and makes suggestions about your diet as well.

Autom Robotic Weight Loss Coach
Autom Robotic Weight Loss Coach

With a human like face and a touchscreen interface located around its, er, tummy, the Autom is a plug and play device that is surprising easier to work with than smartphone apps that do pretty much the same thing. According to experts who develop it, the Autom works better than plain phone and desktop apps and food journals as it provides a human angle that help users connect with it emotionally which serves as a motivator as well as a support mechanism. The robot can also be linked to pedometers and scales to make your fitness and diet programs a lot more comprehensive and intuitive for users.

What also makes the robot a great investment for folks who need help losing weight is the fact that it can be updated frequently which allows it to make conversations fun, relevant and refreshing for users. Just over a year ago, the robot was priced at $865 when it was up for pre-order though Indiegogo has slashed the pre-order price for the model down to $200. A monthly subscription of just $7 will help you keep your robot updated with new information.

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