AD Boivin’s Track N Go system to turn your truck to a ski-mobile

Those who live in the snowy parts of the world always find it hard to wade through their vehicles on highways filed with ice. The only way they can manage the situation is to get snowmobiles or motocross bikes. But these vehicles support one or two persons only. So what to do if you wish to take your family or a group of friends over the icy highways or hills for a trekking?

GMC Sierra with Track N Go
GMC Sierra with Track N Go

Of course, you can find some pretty track conversions for your car, but they always require you to remove the vehicle’s wheels. The innovative Track N Go system from snowmobile innovator AD Boivin eliminates the need to remove the wheels of your vehicle. The system is meant to be fitted beneath each wheel of your car thus it can enable your vehicle to easily wade through the deep snow. In other words, you truck will turn to a ski-mobile vehicle.

The Track N Go is still in prototype mode. AD Boivin has not disclosed any more details about the system besides a demo video clip (you can watch it below). The video shows a GMC Sierra making its way through the icy terrain thanks to the Track N Go system on its four wheels. The video clip doesn't show how easy it is to fasten the Track N Go on the car’s wheels.

Specialists are confused of the security Track N Go may provide to the passengers on the vehicle. If the car is driven through areas with thin ice, the trip will definitely end up in an accident. So the driver must have a better understanding of the surrounding before carrying his family or friends in the ski-mobile. AD Boivin has not said anything about the possible availability of the technology in market, however.

GMC Sierra with Track N GoGMC Sierra in action with Track N Go

Via: MSN/UberGizmo

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