Acer Iconia 484G64NS : Price, Review and Specifications

Acer Iconia 484G64NS

Either if you are looking for a really good HD video watching experience or some good productivity software support, Acer ICONIA is for you. Since the laptop system costs only $1049, anyone can afford it easily. It is combined with some of the finest features like Intel Core i5 processor and wide 14 inch display which makes it unique. Also, there are some other features in the product such as the 4 GB RAM which makes it really easy to work on different programs simultaneously. The dual touch screens support multi-touch and there is a virtual QWERT keyboard with the product as well. So, all in all, the Acer ICONIA laptop is one of the best smart laptops in the electronic market these days.


The processor in the Acer ICONIA system is one of the best in the market which is Intel Core i5. This is one of the fastest processors in the market and you will be able to run heavy games and applications as well with the help of this processor. To play the advanced games which are often 3D and which demand a good graphics card you need to have that or at least a good processor. With Acer ICONIA you will be able to run even those games which require graphic memory since it is supported with the Intel Core i5 processor which makes up for the graphic processor. The laptops supports WLAN and LAN networks and you could connect to the internet through Ethernet.


With the Acer ICONIA you will get the Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled in it which is the latest OS by the Microsoft Corporation and contains some of the most advanced features related to computers. Also, since the OS is preinstalled and is of the latest version so you won’t have to upgrade the OS or run any kind of installations.

With Acer ICONIA you will also get a webcam which has an in-built microphone. Thus, you won’t have to buy a webcam and a microphone separately with the system. The webcam is of fine quality and the video quality is also satisfying so there is no need of upgrade as well. The storage memory of the Acer ICONIA is 640 GB which is plenty for storing HD movies and a wide range of songs as well.

You will get a multi touch virtual keyboard with Acer ICONIA unlike regular devices which make it very easy to work on the laptop. Also, if you are a game fanatic then you can easily play games on the laptop with the virtual QWERTY keyboard. This feature is seldom provided with the other laptop systems.

The design of the Acer ICONIA laptop is essentially inspired by that of advance notebooks and all latest features of a notebook are put into this product. There are two multi touch screens and the resolution is 1366 X 768. The screen quality and brightness is also impressive. The glass used is tempered and is finger print resistant. The Acer ICONIA laptop comes with a 640 GB storage disk. Also, since the drive spins at the rate of 7200rpm, access to the files is very fast. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to increase the storage space of the device as the only option left with you to do that is through standard USB 2.0 port which provides miserable speed when it comes to data transfer.

If you are looking for a laptop system which could provide a number of features for the least price then Acer ICONIA could be it. You won’t find as many features with this system in any other similar system. The rare features like dual fully fledged QWERTY keyboard, multi touch screen and powerful Intel core i5 processor are bound to blow your mind away.

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