10 Best Android tablets under $200

Android tablets are a rage these days due to various factors such as portability, appeal and its smart productivity. Following the heels of Iphone, Google introduced Android tablets just a few months later. Tablets make a snug fit between smart phones and personal computers. A smart phone is comparatively slower than a tablet. Tablets have significant faster processors that can launch music, videos, surf the internet, prepare documents, read an e-book and host of other useful applications. Companies these days are developing services and applications to fit the format of the tablet. iPad appeals to people who value aesthetics and predictable operations. Android tablets are for those who like to tweak and play around with the settings and modify things. However, on a superficial level, the rate of accomplishment of any given task is almost similar with respect to both the tablets. Read on to know about Android tablets that range below $200.

Browse the web, watch photographs, videos and more with Coby Kyros Android tablet that comes with a 7 inch multi-touch screen with a display resolution of 800 x 480 (WVGA – widescreen). It has an integrated front facing camera and microphone. There is no dearth of processing speed with its 1 GHz processor. It has a high-speed networking support and connects to the Internet in the wireless mode. One can download and enjoy a host of games, useful applications from the AppsLib Marketplace. It measures 4.75 inches (length) x 0.48 inches (width) x 7.5 inches (height) and weighs 14.4 ounces.

Price: $161.29

This ultra sleek tablet is rich with features yet quite affordable. This tablet features 7 inch ultra responsive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Browsing the Net or a book is an enjoyable experience with the tablet’s integrated tilt-activated accelerometer. This helps in effective page orientation when the device is turned. One can manage the programs with ease due to its highly spontaneous interface. Break free of carrying a portable laptop to watch movies since this tablet supports video formats – MPEG4 and H264 and a wide range of image formats. The Cruz Reader offers millions of eBooks to read. This is truly a tablet that will make the heads turn.

Price: $139.00

Sumixe offers a right and perfect blend between a quick PC and a smart phone with its revolutionary features. Navigate effortlessly and smoothly through the web, play games, share pictures, watch videos and much more with the 7 inch multi-touch touch screen having a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It is slim, light weight and portable enough to be taken anywhere. It offers special feature of 1.3MP front facing camera to let one click pictures away to glory. Life is much easier with its tons of features and powerful software and hardware.

Price : $141.33

This Archos Arnova tablet powered with Android operating system is fully loaded with cool features. It comes with a 10 inch screen and has 800 pixels of wide viewing space that helps in easy viewing of the data presented on the screen. It also has a USB port and MicroSD for additional storage and supports all types of video and image formats.

Price: $140

The Gentouch 78 is a sleek Android powered tablet that comes with a 7 inch display and 800 x 480 shade TFT touch panel display. It has a 256mb RAM with 800 MHz processor and an internal memory of 2 GB. App Keep gives access to tons of applications, games and host of other utilities.

Price: $ 129.97

Zenithink 2nd ZT-180 Android tablet makes surfing, watching videos, reading documents, play games and much more very easy and enjoyable with its powerful features. This tablet runs on ZT-180 ARM11 1Ghz processor and supports 512MB RAM. It has a flash drive of 4GB and is expandable up to 32GB with MicroSD Card. It features built in speaker, microphone, auto horizontal screen, g-sensor activity inducer and a camera of 1.3 mega pixels.

Price: $159.00

The eGlide table showcases latest advancement in portable entertainment. Browse eGlide with the swipe of a finger or make use of the integrated stylus pen on a 7 inch touch screen. It also has a trackball that helps the user navigate conveniently. Other features of eGlide include, built in Wi-Fi, internet browser, video player with 4 GB flash memory, e-book reader, voice recorder and HDMI video output. Additional memory of 16GB of memory is available with the integrated MicroSD Card amounting to a total of 20 GB! It is compatible to various video and other file formats.

Price: $144.99

Enjoy various features of SuperPad on the brilliant 10.2 inches TFT touch screen. Enrich the communication experience with the inbuilt webcam. It has GPS and a Wi-Fi function that lets the user to surf the internet, play music, watch videos, work on documents and host of other activities. This tablet also includes HDMI interface, USB Interface, RJ45 Interface, headphones and a power socket for internet connection.

Price: $ 175.99

The iRobot Apad comes with a 7 inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Among the integrated features in iRobot Apad are, web camera, WiFi, HD movie play back, email support, GPS, USP port, memory card slot, headphones, YouTube access, G-sensor and Google browser. It supports a variety of video and image file formats.

Price : $134.99

Kindle Fire is a marvelous device with power packed features. Enjoy the colors of movies, books and magazines on a 7 inch touch screen with 16 million high resolution colors. It has a built in video, audio and other interactive features. Navigation is easy in Kindle Fire with its intuitive interface. Experience superior performance with the dual-core processor. It has tons of apps and games making it the best experience for the users. It offers free cloud storage to store all the favorite music, apps, movies and much more.

Price: $199.00


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