Xiaomi may be all set to launch a Smart TV

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker that sold around 7 million android based handsets in the year 2012 alone, is now setting its sights on bigger and better things. The company has not officially stated the presence of a smart TV in its repertoire just yet though leaked images of the back end of a TV with the Xiaomi logo on...
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Zoom H6 handy recorder is like a DSLR for audio

We live in a world of webcams and high tech videography equipment that is easily available in the market. As great and handy as these options are capturing video, they don’t really provide a fine audio recording experience. Even though most video cams record decent audio, they simply aren’t geared towards capturing great...
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Floating Boombox is retro only at heart

Owing a boombox was pretty much a rite of passage for teens and young adults in the 1980s and early 1990s. For the pre-walkman, CD player and mp3 player generation, boomboxes were the only form of entertainment that they could share with their peeps while hanging out. However, the modern generation of kids has become a lot ...
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DIY Lomography Konstruktor SLR helps you construct your own old timey camera

Photography enthusiasts who have worked with old time camera know just how alluring SLRs from years gone by could be. However, most such models have been replaced by DSLRs today and you would only find old timey units on eBay these days. However, Lomography AG, the new photography collective and movement has launched a new D...
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom goes official with 16 megapixel 10x optical zoom camera sensor

Rumors of Samsung’s camera-centric smartphone have been floating for quite some time now. However, the company has now put those rumors to rest by unveiling the Galaxy S4 Zoom officially. The device is indeed a part of the Galaxy S4 series though its phone specs fall short of the latest S4 handset. That being said, the dev...
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Facebook launches hashtags; more information on it to be released soon

Twitter is undoubtedly the founder of the hashtag craze. The format of the micro blogging site did not allow people to view all the relevant content at one go which is why they invented the hashtags to make Twitter searches a lot easier. However, the format of the biggest social networking site on the face of the planet, Fa...
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Apple shows off all revamped iOS 7

Yesterday, Apple finally put all speculation to rest and unveiled the new version of the iPhone operating system. Created by Jony Ive, Apple’s famed in-house design expert, iOS 7 appears to give the smartphone a whole new look. The 3D effect that was standard in the home screen icons in previous OSes has been given up in ...
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Panasonic and Fujifilm develop organic imaging sensor that doesn’t use any silicone

At the moment, silicon photodiodes-based digital image sensors are used in all kinds of cameras to capture light. However, researchers from Fujifilm and Panasonic are jointly working on a new kind of image sensor that would not be based on silicon at all! The new kind of image sensor technology claims to use a new organic la...
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New HTC Tiara’s official photo leaks before formal announcement

The world of cellular phones has come a long way since we first got our hands on the basic Nokia and Motorola designs. These days, the launch of each new phone is accompanied not only by a bunch of rumors and speculations but also by a whole lot of controversy where various manufacturers and their teams of legal eagles keep ...
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Sony reveals PS4 design, release and pricing info

After receiving a lot of flak for not launching a physical model of the new PS4 video game console when it initially announced the new product in February earlier this year, Sony has finally revealed the console at the E3 2013. The new console looks a lot like the Xbox One and shares its physical design with the PlayStation ...
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